The Toilet of Doom
Book No. 3 (Before Relaunch)

2 (After Relaunch)

Written by Michael Lawrence
Published by Orchard Books
Cover Artist Ellis Nadler
Publication Date 2001
Pages 240
Followed by The Meanest Genie
Preceded by The Killer Underpants


Feel that your life has gone down the pan? Well here's your chance to swap it for a better one! Just press "F for Flush" and...

When these words appear on the computer, Jiggy McCue can't resist the temptation! By pressing "F for Flush", he has made something happen that he wouldn't wish on his archest of enemies...

...Well, actually, he would.


Toilet of Doom is the second book in the relaunched Jiggy McCue Series. Before the relaunch, the book was third in the series.