The Meanest Genie
Meanest genie cover
Book No. 4 (Before Relaunch)
3 (After Relaunch)
Written by Michael Lawrence
Published by Orchard Books
Cover Artist Ellis Nadler
Publication Date 2002 (Republished 2009)
Pages 292
Followed by The Snottle
Preceded by The Toilet of Doom


There is a tradition in Jiggy's hometown by which the night before a boy's first day at school his father takes him to the Piddle Pool near the old quarry. Boys pee in the pool for a lucky school life. But Jiggy's dad never took him...and now Jiggy wants to change his run of bad luck. One night, mid-piddle, something happens - and a genie rises out of the water. Will Jiggy's luck be reversed...or will it just get worse?!


This book was originally titled Maggot Pie, when it was first published in 2002. It was renamed to The Meanest Genie in 2009.