The Killer Underpants
Book No. 2 (Before Relaunch)

1 (After Relaunch)

Written by Michael Lawrence
Published by Orchard Books
Cover Artist Ellis Nadler
Publication Date 2000
Pages 148
Followed by The Toilet of Doom
Preceded by The Curse of the Poltergoose (Before Relaunch)


Jiggy's mum and dad buy him some new underwear. But these underwear are no ordinary underwear. They are evil. You're probably thinking: "All underpants are evil," But no. These are uncontrollable. With a mind of their own, They drive McCue crazy. They make him control minds and... worst of all... THEY WILL NOT COME OFF.

This book is a hilarious adventure starring Jiggy and his pals as they battle to find out who is behind this terrifying mishap.


The Killer Underpants is the first book of the relaunched Jiggy McCue Series. Before the relaunch, the book was second in the series.