Joseph "Jiggy" McCue
Jiggy McCue on the cover of the original version of The Killer Underpants
First appearance The Curse of the Poltergoose (before relaunch)
The Killer Underpants (after relaunch)
Last appearance Currently unknown
Nickname(s) Jiggy
Juggy (while in parallel universe)
Gender Male
Age 15 (as of Rudie Dudie)
Book count 12
Created by Michael Lawrence
Joseph "Jiggy" McCue is the main character in the Jiggy McCue series by Michael Lawrence.

Jiggy is a preteen to teenage boy with blue eyes and suspected brown hair (due to his sister's brown hair).

In the booksEdit

Before the series' relaunch, Jiggy's first appearance was, like most of the characters, in The Curse of the Poltergoose. However, since the relaunch, many main character's debuts have been changed to The Killer Underpants. Jiggy is very sarcastic and is prone to back-chatting his parents and teachers, as shown in every book. He is described by Angie in The Toilet of Doom as 'a pain in class'. He also seems to have several problems with underwear, as shown in The Killer Underpants and Ryan's Brain. He has known his two friends, Pete and Angie since before they were born. At some point prior to the series' beginning, the trio formed the twenty-first century's own Three Musketeers.

Jiggy currently lives in a house on the Brook Farm Estate with his parents, Peg and Mel, and his cat Stallone, who is described as a 'mental-mog'. His mother has been called a tyrant by Jiggy on many occasions. Jiggy inadvertently named his house The Dorks after being asked to write down ideas for the McCue's new house. He wrote down several joke names and unfortunately one of his ideas came out of the hat.

Jiggy also has an inability to keep still when he is agitated, hence his name. Apparently when he was two or three, he couldn't keep still for a minute. Experts have said that he has too much energy, but he is too lazy to put it to proper use.

In The Iron, the Switch and the Broom Cupboard, Jiggy enters the caretaker's cleaning cupboard while hiding from Mr. Rice. While inside, he accidentally enters a parallel universe. During his stay in the other world, Jiggy realises that his parallel self (Juggy) is best friends with Eejit Atkins and that he has an eight-year-old sister named Swoozie (real name Suzie). When he returns to his own world, Jiggy discovers that Peg is expecting a second child, a daughter. His parents are worried he will be upset by the new arrival, but Jiggy assures them that he won't be upset on one condition: they name the baby Suzie.

Jiggy is shown to be excited about his baby sister's birth in the preceding books. However, he gets less excited about it in the final story of One for All and All for Lunch, where he must deliver Swoozie in the place of an actual doctor.