Harry Potter is a new student in Jiggy's class. Since he joined Ranting Lane, he has been trying to earn a name for himself, in order to differentiate himself from the wizard after which he is presumably named. He first appeared in The Iron, the Switch and the Broom Cupboard. Test Link

Character HistoryEdit

The Iron, the Switch and the Broom CupboardEdit

This is Harry's first appearance in the series. He is stated to have joined Ranting Lane a term prior to the events of the book. Harry had been trying to make a name for himself (in order to differentiate himself from Harry Potter the wizard) since he joined the school.

One of these attempts was described by Jiggy towards the beginning of the book. While Mr. Hurley left the classroom to answer a phone call, Harry started photocopying pictures of his butt (the photocopier had been left in the classroom because the Head's secretary's office was being painted). Despite not weighing that much, Harry still managed to break the photocopier. Ian Pitwell then took the photocopies Harry had made and put them up in the main hall in time for assembly. When Hubbard asked who made the pictures and Harry owned up to the act, he presumably escaped a serious punishment, presumably because of Harry's name, which he shares with the famous wizard. If the media caught wind of Harry Potter being suspended, then there would be reporters all over the school. Likely not wanting this, Mr. Hubbard decided to give Harry a lighter punishment.


  • Harry was mentioned to have a wart on his left buttock. It is stated to look like a wart "you'd expect to see on a hog".

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