The first two book titles for the Jiggy spin-off Jiggy's Genes have been announced.

The first of the two is entitled Jiggy's Magic Balls and is about a thirteenth century Jiggy McCue who is stuck working for a dumb knight (named Sir Bozo de Beurk). However, when he finds some magic balls, his life looks set to change forever. The book is set to be published in 2010.

The second book has been announced as being titled Jiggy the Vampire Slayer. Jiggy is spat on by a blood-sucking bat while at the Zoological Gardens. Soon he becomes a target for all other vampires, including the archnemesis of the bat who spat on him in the first place! The book is expected to be published in early 2011.

The Jiggy's Genes series is expected to run for a total of three books.