Eejit Atkins is Jiggy's next door neighbour and wants to be part of The Three Musketeers. He is portrayed as being very dumb and knowing little. He wants to be friends with Jiggy, Pete and Angie too, but they refuse to be friends with him. He doesn't talk properly and according to Jiggy, the way he speaks is 'like a virus. Within a few minutes of being with Atkins, you start to talk like him.' Eejit has an older brother named Jolyon too. In 'One For All And All For Lunch' Eejit brings a bogey man into school, made with his own bogeys.

Eejit isn't his real name, his real name is Ralph, but, to his teachers, classmates and his dad, his name is Eejit. Ralph to his mum.