Angela "Angie" Mint
Placeholder person
First appearance The Curse of the Poltergoose/The Killer Underpants
Last appearance Murder and Chips
Nickname(s) Angie
Gender Female
Age 14 (estimation, as of Rudie Dudie)
Book count 14
Created by Michael Lawrence

Angela Mint, more commonly known as Angie, is a girl who appears to have blonde hair (as of the hardcover copy). She is one of Jiggy's best friends, and she is one of the members of the three musketeers. Angie is typically very tomboyish, and gets offended when she feels Jiggy or Pete are discriminating against her for being a girl. Though she and the other two are close, and Angie mentions having seen Jiggy without a nappy on - in addition to having seen him naked when he was 14 in Rudie Dudie - there are no romantic feelings between Angie and either of the two boys.

Angie lives with her mother (Audrey Mint,) and Pete's father (Oliver Garrett,) in the Brook Farm Estate, just across the road from Jiggy and Eejit Atkins. As of the latest book, Rudie Dudie, she is about 14 years old.


  • Although on the cover of the hardcover copy Angie has blonde hair, it is stated in The Iron, the Switch and the Broom Cupboard that the alternative Angie had "dyed red hair." Because everyone in the parallel universe looked the same as in Jiggy's one, Jiggy would have noticed the parallel Angie's hair was red a lot earlier in the story if both Angies' originial hair colour was blonde. But it is said by Jiggy, that he had noticed the other Angie's hair was different. By this point in the story, Jiggy had already been in the parallel universe for quite a while, so if he took a long time to notice Angie's new hair colour, then Angie's hair might really be brown and not blonde.
  • To edit this, Angie's hair was described as a 'reddish tint' on page 81 and if her hair was very dark red, it would've been empahsised a bit more. Also, reddish could mean slightly ginger so Angie could still have blonde hair.